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Admin | Published on the sat Aug 15, 2020 9:14 pm | 260 Views

Hello friendly, i am going to give you a short message about wemappers, 

WEMAPPERS PLATFORM, is created to connect Geospatial experts and students around the world together. 

We also need to provide open education to the world

When i say Geospatial experts i include,

  1. GIS experts 
  2. Remote sensing experts 
  3. Geostatistical analysts 
  4. Spatial Statistics analyst 
  5. Spatial analysts 
  6. Surveyors, 
  7. Geoinformatics engineers. 
  8. Geomatics engineers. 
  9. Geographers 

We have reached more than 8 countries.

With more than 700 visitors.

Also we have 198 registered users.

We request you to create your account, it is free

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